пʼятниця, 7 травня 2010 р.


Hey, guys!:)

It seems I haven't updated this blog for ages!:) and that's beacuse I haven't uploaded any nail design tutorials to my YouTube channel...
But anyways, I'm doing great, I've recently returned from my vacations in Egypt (Sharm El Sheikh) which was absolutely awesome!:) The Red sea is soooooo beautiful! If you haven't been there - you definitely should:) Now I don't wanna go anywhere else for sea vacations:)

Also, I've been asked to review an Incoco dry nail polish product which I found very interesting and easy to use. So, basically you have dry nail polish strips which already contain base, color and top coats, you apply them to your nails and that's it:) For more detailed review and demo visit my YT channel - youtube.com/mayparis.

Now, as this blog is also made for sharing my favourite music, today I wanna offer for your attention an exceptionally beautiful song by Cardigans which I can listen to for hours - "Communication" - http://mediafire.com/?oknodeetyqt

Take care and have a nice weekend!:)