понеділок, 7 грудня 2009 р.

Vintage French

Hey, guys!

Here are the photos of my latest nail tutorial, it's very easy and fast to do, but it looks very chic, I think:)
Soundtrack: "My arms keep missing you" by Danzel - http://www.mediafire.com/?udmv4nu02zq


четвер, 19 листопада 2009 р.

My Wedding Makeup

Hey, guys!

Today I made a video about my wedding makeup:) And here are the photos:

Music: "Paday" by Ukrainian band Skryabin - http://www.mediafire.com/?nkngjjd3ylg

понеділок, 16 листопада 2009 р.

Using Foil on your Nails

Hey, guys!

Today I did a video about how to use a cosmetic foil to decorate your nails, and this is what came out:

Soundtrack: a song "Mi budemo razom" by one of my favourite Ukrainian bands SKY - http://www.mediafire.com/?ihninw4c2nh

понеділок, 9 листопада 2009 р.

My Wedding Nails:)

Hey, guys!!!:)
So, it's been a reeeeeeeally long time no see:) But I have an excuse: I got married:) The preparation was CRAZY, but eventually everything went perfect!:) I'm happy!
And today I'm gonna show you the design that I had on my nails on my wedding:)
I wasn't the one to do the design - a girl in a salon did it for me, she used acrylic paints and a very-very fine brush. Here I used my nail paints - the result it not as neat as I had, but still I love how it looks, and it's great for the short nails, this design really makes them look longer.
So, enjoy:

пʼятниця, 25 вересня 2009 р.

Geometric Beauty:)

Since I still can't figure out why I can't add pics to my posts here like before, I thought I can at least give you links to the photos of my latest nail design tutorial if you're interested:)

So, here you go, pics are not heavy:

And for those of you who liked the soundtrack to the video:
"Daite Kokhannya" by the Ukrainian band Ronromero


четвер, 24 вересня 2009 р.


Don't know what happened, but I can't add pictures to posts here anymore...
I thought it's because of the Java version that I have on my computer - but it's ok, I have the latest one, and I have Java on in my Internet settings...

Can someone help me with that? I don't wanna change the blog host......

четвер, 2 липня 2009 р.

Fantasy Flower Nails:)

Hey, guys!
I didn't post for a long time, but today I'm gonna show you a nail design that I did using two of favourite summer colors:)

Music: "She's so lovely" by Scouting for girls

понеділок, 1 червня 2009 р.

Crazy Palm Tree Nails:)

Hey, guys!

So, today I did a tutorial for bright summer nails:)

Music: Sa Lange Det Lyser Mittemot by Marie Fredriksson

понеділок, 4 травня 2009 р.

Just to let you know...

I'm on vacation until May 20, and probably won't be posting until I'm back:)

субота, 18 квітня 2009 р.

Cat Inspired Makeup:)

Hey, people!

So, I just couldn't help entering SayAnythingBrooke's contest on the YT after hearing the theme: PETS!:)

Here is my inspiration, my cat:

And here is the look inspired by her:

Music: "I'm gonna get you" (remix) by Angie Brown - http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?zg0qytjzwnk
Hope you liked it:)

пʼятниця, 17 квітня 2009 р.

Natural Makeup for the hurry:)

Hey, guys!:)
Long time no see, I know:)

So, this is the look for today, very natural and refreshing:)

Soundtrack - a song called "7 Seconds" by the Ukrainian band "Gouache" - http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?idxao51djzz

понеділок, 23 березня 2009 р.

Musical Note prints;)

For music addicts out there and everybody else:)

Soundtrack by Ukrainian band "Ktykhitka Tsahes" - Shos na zrazok http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?roo0how5ozz


понеділок, 16 березня 2009 р.

Day to Night video Music:)

This is the new "Day to Night" decoration:)

Soundtrack - beautiful song called "Heartbeats" by Jose Gonsalez:)

вівторок, 10 березня 2009 р.

Winner video music

This is the original video soundtrack which was taken out by the YT...
Another latin song:)

Soy diferente - http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?zzz3m3tgg1t

пʼятниця, 20 лютого 2009 р.

Bridal/Neutral Nails:)

This is a very simple and nice neutral decoration, you can wear it for work, school or even wedding:)

Soundtrack - "Ay, Amor" by I don't know who... - http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?mgqz1dzzmgy
I love this song:)


середа, 18 лютого 2009 р.

Neutral Look for the Conservative Office

Here is the neutral office look for today:

Soundtrack: "Another Chance" by Roger Sanchez (Afterlife remix) - http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?c3oxmvgdew2


понеділок, 16 лютого 2009 р.

Louboutin Shoes Inspired nails:)

Here are the shoes which inspired me for the next nail decoration:

And here is the decoration itself:

And a variant with the golden tip:

Background music: Instrumental song by Ukrainian band "Skryabin" - http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?5lemynhwza1