понеділок, 7 грудня 2009 р.

Vintage French

Hey, guys!

Here are the photos of my latest nail tutorial, it's very easy and fast to do, but it looks very chic, I think:)
Soundtrack: "My arms keep missing you" by Danzel - http://www.mediafire.com/?udmv4nu02zq


5 коментарів:

Mika сказав...

I really like this kind of nail design it looks so elegant also.

I'm from Romania and here we also find Golden rose nail polish and I think is a good quality at cheap price.

Mrs. Stilletto сказав...

It looks really beautiful! I am going to watch that video first thing tomorrow!

zuzu сказав...

love love it!!!


Анонім сказав...

all I have to say is WOW: that is gorgeous!

Turtle сказав...

You did such a great job! =) I love it.