понеділок, 9 листопада 2009 р.

My Wedding Nails:)

Hey, guys!!!:)
So, it's been a reeeeeeeally long time no see:) But I have an excuse: I got married:) The preparation was CRAZY, but eventually everything went perfect!:) I'm happy!
And today I'm gonna show you the design that I had on my nails on my wedding:)
I wasn't the one to do the design - a girl in a salon did it for me, she used acrylic paints and a very-very fine brush. Here I used my nail paints - the result it not as neat as I had, but still I love how it looks, and it's great for the short nails, this design really makes them look longer.
So, enjoy:

3 коментарі:

Mademoiselle C. сказав...

Congrats :)) Very nice design, by the way !
Glad to see you again :)

Mandy сказав...

I really like this one. You are very talented. Do you have a video on this?

Linda сказав...

A little late perhaps, but congratulations!!!