середа, 13 січня 2010 р.

Ruby Nails:)

Hey, guys!
This is my first post in the new year 2010!:) Congratulations to all of you, I wish you all the best:)
And welcome my new nail design, I struggled to make up the name for that, ended up with Ruby Nails which is quite obvious:))) Very easy to do, you need a matte base color, one color of the nail paint and the rhinestones:)
Music: "To You" by Basic Element http://mediafire.com/?ym0cgigiwdz
And don't forget to check out the tutorial at youtube.com/mayparis:)

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HiFashion сказав...

Gorgeous nails!
I do nail art too, you can check it out on my blog: http://hifashionsl.blogspot.com/search/label/Nails
xx Leia :)

Pixie Dust сказав...

OMG you are so fabulous! I am just starting out with this whole nail craze, and you are such an inspiration <3
If you'd like to see some of my nail art (hahaha, no art compare to what you do :D ) then click on:


My blog :)) I also have fashion (mostly) and makeup posts ;) Enjoy and if you like comment and follow ofc ;))

Mrs. Stilletto сказав...

Hi Anna!

I have nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. I have mentioned your blogposts in my blog that it is really worth checking it out! I hope you are fine.
Hope to hear from you soon. :)


prettymynails сказав...

I love your nails they're so beautiful!! I can't believe your lines are so straight...I can never get straight lines on my nails =)

hailey сказав...

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